Two Ton Boa was created by Sherry Fraser, who penned songs using only her bass and voice, and performed her first shows solo or accompanied by a drummer. Slim Moon released the first properly issued collection of Two Ton Boa songs on Kill Rock Stars in 2000. It was lauded by the New York Times and landed at #4 on Anne Power’s “Undeservedly Obscure” albums of the year list (View Press).

On the merits of that single EP, L7 took Fraser on a full tour of the US, and Blonde Redhead took her down the West Coast, and many shows followed. During the next 3 years, Fraser released a vinyl single and participated in a Kill Rock Stars compilation, but did not tour, write, or play live shows. In 2006, Two Ton Boa resurfaced with a full length album on Kill Rock Stars, “Parasiticide”, and a music video for the single “Cash Machine”.

Two Ton Boa has headlined in every nook and cranny of the US, co-headlined a tour around the country with 31 Knots, and opened a string of national shows upon the invitation of Blonde Redhead, L7, and the Dresden Dolls. Fraser’s song “Have Mercy” was recently featured and released on the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack “Remember Me”, released in 2010, and her co-written song with Scott Seckington,” Time to Say Goodnight”, was featured in the SyFy channel show “Being Human”, in 2011. Prior to this, her song “Comin’ Up From Behind” was the feature motion picture soundtrack single for the movie “Cruel Intentions”.

Two Ton Boa is currently performing live as a trio, writing and recording new material.

Scott Seckington Scott Seckington (bass, 6-string baritone, keyboards) also plays keyboards in Sedan (2000-present) and  played bass in The Old Haunts (2001-2008).  Scott officially joined Two Ton Boa in 2004, and performs on Two Ton Boa’s first full length album, Parasiticide.  He is the first person to have ever recorded Two Ton Boa (with Sherry playing solo).
Nate Carson (drums, percussion)  is a founding member and the drummer for Witch Mountain (1999-present), and Point Line Plane (3 years). He plays synthesizer in The Better to See You With. You can also find Nate Carson cameos on Sunn0))) “White 2”, a Rollerball record from a few years back, as well as the “Secret Lawns” Panther release. He joined Two Ton Boa following the release of Parasiticide, in 2006.
This bio is about our current, active lineup. Brian Sparhawk (tour/studio bass), Christopher Francis (tour bass), and Dan Rieser (tour/studio drums) made significant contributions of time and energy to Two Ton Boa before, during, and after Two Ton Boa’s debut EP and first full-length release. In 2004 and 2005, Dave Harvey joined us on tour playing bass, and Rob Allison toured with us as drummer.  Read more about them.