Past Shows

Two Ton Boa has toured and played shows with

L7 (tour), The Dresden Dolls (tour), Blonde Redhead (tour), 31 Knots (tour), Black Heart Procession (tour), C Average (tour). Mike Watt, Thrones, Frenchie & The German Girls, Mary Timony, Le Tigre, Bratmobile, Enemymine, Mecca Normal, Ronnie Spector, Erase Errata, Marnie Stern, Macromantics, Green Milk from the Planet Orange, Tracy & the Plastics, Bangs, Bunny Rabbit, Magick Daggers, RTX, Subarachnoid Space, Gowns, 400 Blows, Tara Jane O’Neill, Silentist, The Need, The Gossip, Xiu Xiu, Erase Errata, The Old Haunts, They Shoot Horses, Don’t They, The Sex Worker’s Art Show, Jarboe, Nomy Lamm, The Third Sex, Hovercraft, Mocket, Microphones, C Average, Bunny Foot Charm, The Tight Bros from Way Back When, Deerhoof, Cadallaca, Sean Na Na, Witchypoo, Bluebird, JP5, Mary Lou Lord, Dos, Bonfire Madigan, Slumber Party, The Breakdowns, Bright Eyes, Miss Murgatroid, Mecca Normal, Bangs, Ladyfest Olympia 2000, Slim Moon, Heroic Trio, Numbers, Gold Chains & Sue Cie, The Paper Chase, Jeff Hansen, Nedelle, The Everyothers, Turing Machine, Knife Skills, Thunderbirds are NOW!, Mommy and Daddy, the National, Nudity, RTX, Giant Squid, Romanteek, The Black Halos (tour), Lions of Tsavo, Man Man, Frozen in Amber, The Monster Women, Old Time Relijun, Rainbow Sugar, Matt and Kim, Stereo Total, Hawnay Troof, Clyde Federal, The Softies, The Crabs, Tullycraft, Office Products with Mark Hosler (of Negativland), Swallows, Grayceon, Outline Kit, Disgust of Us, The Lost Patrol, The Pixel Panda, The Forms, New Thrill Parade, Vacuum Tree Head, Horse Thief, Universalia Jane, Ouija Radio, Garland Ray Project, Totimoshi, Dragging an Ox Through Water, Mr. Russia, Rykarda Parasol,  Convergence 13 Festival, Ladyfest 2000 Olympia, Yo-Yo-a-Go-Go ’97, Yo-Yo-a-Go-Go ’99, Troika Music Festival 2007, and more. This list is incomplete, it’s only to give a shadowy idea of TTB show histories. We’re always adding more bands when we can, you can also visit the Show Archives.


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