Musicians and Alumni

Listed by most recent involvement:

Nate Carson (drums, percussion) joined Two Ton Boa following the release of Parasiticide and toured extensively with us. He recorded drums for our single “Birds of a Feather”, as well as percussion for our cover of Syd Barrett’s “Golden Hair”. Nate is a founding member and the drummer for Witch Mountain (1999-present), and Point Line Plane (3 years). He plays synthesizer in The Better to See You With. You can also find Nate Carson cameos on Sunn0))) “White 2”, a Rollerball record from a few years back, as well as the “Secret Lawns” Panther release.

Christopher Francis (bass) toured nationally with Two Ton Boa 2006-2008 following the release of Parasiticide. He is currently the mastermind and frontman of Christopher Francis and Son. Christopher came aboard Two Ton Boa having never embarked on a national tour, he’s now a vet!

Brian Sparhawk (bass) was on Two Ton Boa’s first west coast tour, followed by a west coast tour opening for Blonde Redhead, and a national tour opening for L7. He was in the studio for the debut KRS EP “Two Ton Boa”, the single “Porcelain Throne”, and Two Ton Boa’s first full-length, “Parasiticide”. Brian also played bass for Fitz of Depression, was frontman for The Tide and a member of the Resident Kings.

Dan Rieser (drums, percussion). By definition a professional jazz drummer with extensive experience gigging in NYC after graduating from Berkeley School of Music, Dan became a fan of Sherry’s music after hearing it through a friend. He flew out to record with her on Two Ton Boa’s debut EP, and joined her and Brian for a couple of treks up and down the West Coast, including the Blonde Redhead tour. He came back again to record with Two Ton Boa on Parasiticide. Dan currently performs and records with Norah Jones in the group The Little Willies.

Dave Harvey (bass) was an early TTB fan, and he joined Sherry, Scott Seckington, and Rob Allison for several shows and at least two west coast tours. In addition to owning and operating a purely analog studio, he currently spearheads the psychedelic, astral-traveling rock band Nudity. He also performed with Sex Vid, and looks mysteriously similar to “Bongo Randy” who plays at Spider and the Webs shows. Dave was also a member of The Tight Bros From Way Back When, and Behead The Prophet No Lord Shall Live.

Rob Allison (drums) toured with Two Ton Boa during our national tour opening for L7, and along the west coast. He hails from the Southern Oregon Coastal town of Coos Bay, and is primarily a singer/songwriter of the Americana roots bent – on display in his current project Western Star. Rob received a Bachelor of Music degree in Classical Voice Performance from Cornish College of the Arts in 2001.

The Need (Radio Sloan and Rachel Carns, currently in Nudity) approached Sherry after hearing her perform one of her first solo shows as “Two Ton Boa”, and offered to help her record a demo she eventually passed on to Slim Moon of Kill Rock Stars. Sherry was a huge fan of their band. One track from the demo sessions “Have Mercy”, was placed on Two Ton Boa’s debut EP.