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Calling all Vinyl lovers! We’ve made a second pressing of this single for you after selling out a while back, there are 100 for sale. Featuring the songs “Sorrow’s Gone” and “Time to Say Goodnight”, from a collaboration between Sherry Fraser (vocals) and Scott Seckington (piano and organ). Alternately sparse and at times heavily sonically textured, I would describe these songs as crystalline and beautiful, perfect for snowy winter nights. Hand-screened jackets, available in hand-screened black with glitter gold or silver – these sparkle like dusty diamonds in the sun, and are smooth to the touch.

We can ship this to you cheaply using media mail (US only), or quickly using priority (US & Global Priority International).

Price is $15.00

Pick a Color:

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Two Ton Boa’s song “Have Mercy” has been placed in the film Remember Me, which is being released in theaters all over the world TODAY, March 12th…. It’s a love story starring Rob Pattinson (Twilight), and Emelie de Ravin (from the TV show Lost).

In addition to this, our song is featured in the official motion picture soundtrack, for sale everywhere. Of course, you can download “Have Mercy” from us directly.

We’re also really stoked because fellow Kill Rock Stars label mate “Long Hind Legs” are included in the movie and soundtrack. We’ll be celebrating with our friend and Long Hind Legs band member Vern, this coming Sunday.

So, have a party with your friends and try to find our song in the movie.. (rumor is it’ll be playing in the background on a stereo, but we haven’t seen the film, so don’t take my word for it – and be warned, you might not hear anything above the din of high pitch screams if you go opening night).



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1) a STORE where you can buy all the Two Ton Boa crap you cannot get anywhere else.

2) A place for us to release music, DIRECTLY FROM US TO YOU!! Already, you can download MP3’s, buy CD’s, and vinyl.

3)  A place where you can Demand Shows. Using zip codes, we’ll know where you want us to play. On top of that, we can send you show alerts and updates when they pertain to your area (and not someone else’s). Please USE IT. Lots of squeaky wheels get the grease.

Honorable Mentions:

A) This site going to be easy to post to and update. It was designed by Sherry, and coded by Say This Say That. The “band site” has been a black-hole-monkey-on-my-back-time-sucking-evil-sponge for me (Sherry) for years now, and this should put a lid on it. If it doesn’t, I will quit.


Let us know if any weird stuff is happening on the site. It’s new so there may be little problems hiding in the rafters.