Recorded by: Two Ton Boa
Written by: Sherry Fraser


Vexatious words I won't own - No!
Fallatious words of a snake - Fake!
As you patronize
With your tongue untied
Spilling toxic bait I recognize
I won't concede
I know it's up to me
To disengage my enemy:

Cyanide, you're cyanide!
Your words that lie, and misadvise
Cyanide, they're cyanide!
They falsify

They always state their case
For your personal gain
They launch a cruel campaign
To wipe the smile from my face

And when your jeers incite
Without invite
Try to set me off like dynamite
I set my mind at ease
I've got the air to breathe
It's a cheap, effective remedy for

Cyanide! Your cyanide!
Your words deride and criticize
Cyanide, they're cyanide!
They fictionize

You always obfuscate
With your mendacious games
Don't want a real debate
You cheat your way to checkmate

You move in quick,
Flaunt your good intent
But you colonize for deadly ends
The way you melodize
With your sing-song lies
You'd make a smooth sidekick
For a suicide
You're poison
If I let you slip into my cup
I'll never swallow
I'll spit you out!

You're cyanide! You're cyanide!
Your words that lie, and paralyze
Cyanide, they're cyanide
Call the ambulance quick,
I'm still alive!
Cyanide, they're cyanide!
Call the ambulance quick,
I'm still alive!
Cyanide, you're cyanide!