Serenade for the Crow That Fell (v1)

Recorded by: Two Ton Boa
Written by: Sherry Fraser
Song Notes:

This is the first recorded version of this song, done at Mushroom Studios in 2004 - only available on the out-of-print Vinyl 7 inch "Serenade for the Crow that Fell" (B side: "Your Favorite Bloody Patient"). You can buy the 7 inch in the store if it isn't sold out yet.


Coyotes prowling in the yard
Howling around your trembling house of cards
A serenade for the crow that fell
Like a drop of oil into your virgin well

Some hook has burrowed in your skin
There's a deserate clawing as the itch sets in
For a preacher's daughter you're an easy mark
For the metal vultures in the parking lot.

The sticky hum of clicking tongues has dropped
Their ticking clots of concrete in your mind's metallic slots
Like words descending in an inky swarm
To hammer down the flutter of your paper arms

The flames that lick you in your easy chair
And the smoking fingers in your burning hair
Are the exorcisms of a dirty girl
Ripping demons from her holy pearl