Two Ton Boa

Recorded by: Two Ton Boa
Written by: Sherry Fraser
Song Notes:

I got the band name from this song, which metaphorically(!) speaking, is and was a "personal" song, like many. But let's get one thing straight: if you take any of my songs lyrics/stories/characters literally, you are wasting your time. They are not literal in any way.


My heart is floating in a seasick bag of meat
My will is broken and my tongue has lost her feet
My throat unravels spilling out this hopeless cancer
It feels so nice to be a dopesick topless dancer

This train rolls on crushing landscape like a tank
It sighs and breathes like an animal in heat
I laugh and point at the track marks in the grass
Gouged out dead rivers spelling out our epitaph

I wore your love like a two ton diamond boa
I liked you my pet draped around my fragile neck
Your serpant tail was flailing trapped inside my velvet oven
One slip times twenty and we exploded into Nothing

My skirt is rising covering me and all of my lies
A black tornado sucking me into the sky
I wear these blinders as I await my favorite mass
Your holy ghost trapped inside the tv glass