Shipping and Returns

Payment Options:

We currently use Paypal. They allow you to pay via credit card or your paypal account, and are safe and secure. Order status communication is done via email, so make sure your email address is accurate and current. Please check your inbox for your order confirmation. We will notify you by e-mail if there was an issue with filling your order and/or when your order ships.

Media Mail – Restricted to MUSIC ONLY – very cheap and SLOW

Please note that we can only ship media mail to the US, and it can ONLY be used when you are ordering sound recordings and NOTHING ELSE (ie – Records and CDs can be sent media mail, but not tshirts, hoodies, or combinations of clothes and records/cds). Please also be aware that media mail is unpredictable and sometimes can be SLOW – very, very slow. Media mail delivery should take two to nine days, and even longer for destinations such as Alaska and Hawaii. However, the US Post Office sometimes takes their sweet time with it when the mood strikes – so beware when choosing this option. Oh so cheap! That’s why we offer it in the states.

US Shipping Methods:

After your order is received and processed, we will ship it within a week, (MTWTF, excepting holidays) via USPS. All items are shipped using either USPS first class, or USPS Domestic Priority Mail – our shipping calculator automatically calculates the cheapest rate based on the weight and size of your order. If you haven’t recieved your order within four weeks let us know!

College and University Addresses:

Here are some tips to help us make sure your package ends up in the right hands (yours) and not back here with us:

Be sure to mention the school name in your address. If you go to University of Washington, say so.
There should probably be at least one building name in your address. If it is going to a Mail Center, mention that. If it is going to your dorm, mention the name of the dorm. Got a shirt going to your office? Give us the name of the building that houses your office.
• Tell us if any of those numbers you’ve listed are Box numbers or Room numbers.
• If you are confused, or unsure of the way your school does that whole mail thing, check the school’s website. Usually that info is up there so your parents can send you cookies and things.
• If your school’s website is not forthcoming with information, ask your RA or the residential life people. Usually they know what’s going on with that kind of thing.

APO/FPO Addresses:

I have an APO/FPO address. How do I fill out the address?

To send your package to an APO/FPO address is easy. When completing your Shipping Address during checkout, please make note of the following:

  • The Country must be “United States”;
  • The City must be entered as either “APO” or “FPO”;
  • The State must be selected as either “Armed Forces America” “Armed Forces Europe” or “Armed Forces Pacific;”
  • You must enter your Zip code; and
    Always remember to enter your full name, grade, and PSC or unit number. PLEASE NOTE: All orders going to APO/FPO addresses will be sent via USPS.

International Shipping Notes – IMPORTANT!

You may choose one of the following shipping methods:

USPS Global Priority, available to most countries, or International First Class – which is cheaper, but SLOWER and cannot be traced.

Please be very careful to put the exact delivery address on the ship to information in order to avoid delays in delivery. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery for US Postal Service Global Priority, OR, up to six weeks or MORE for International First Class packages. Please be aware that about 1-2% of all International First Class packages are LOST FOREVER. We cannot be responsible for lost packages delivered through this method, so please be aware of the risk you are taking when you choose this shipping method!!!

Will I have to pay customs fees on my order?

If your package is being mailed outside of the United States and is not an APO/FPO address, you probably will. The shipping charges you pay to the Two Ton Boa store do NOT include customs fees, import taxes, brokerage fees, or duties.

Your order will probably be charged customs fees (taxes, duties, processing fees, brokerage fees, etc.) when it arrives. We have NO control over these fees. If you refuse to pay the customs fees when your order arrives, the shipment will be returned to us and we will be charged the customs fees plus return shipping costs. Because of this, we do not issue refunds for customs fees, shipping, or the cost of your order if you refuse to pay the customs fees.

We have no way of estimating customs fees, taxes, duties, etc. so please do not ask us to do so – we don’t have this information. Please contact your local customs office if you need to know more.

It is possible that the delivery of your order could be delayed due to customs processing. If your order does not arrive in a reasonable amount of time, you should check with your local customs office to see if they are holding the package for payment of fees. Also, some customs offices will send a separate invoice for your customs fees that could arrive several weeks after you receive your shipment. Please be familiar with the customs laws in your country before you order!!

Returns – IMPORTANT!

We offer exchanges or refunds if we sent the wrong item, or if the item was damaged due to packaging. We DO NOT offer exchanges or refunds FOR ANY OTHER REASON. Please read the info on T-Shirts we have provided BEFORE ordering them – we have additional sizing tips for you below. Please read them carefully if size is important to you, because all sales are FINAL.

Sizing Notes:

Each kind of shirt and hoody has a size chart button right next to it, please click on these for sizing info. We recommend you use these charts as approximate guides – I say this because although we provide the actual measurements provided by the manufacturer for each model t-shirt printed on- we cannot control how the garment sewers sew each individual Tshirt!! Therefore, we are NOT RESPONSIBLE for slight variations in sizes from shirt to shirt (for example, you may order size XL expecting the chest measurement to be 24″ across, but it arrives and you find it is only 23.25″ across). Please order a size larger or smaller if you are worried about this, we do not have time to measure each shirt individually before we pack it.

Size for size, unisex styles fit looser than American Apparel women’s style tshirts and hoodies. Bigger sizes in shirts and fleece hoodies are available in the unisex styles, currently we have up to 2XL in some styles.

If you’re looking for a very small size, youth mediums in classic unisex styles, and babydoll cuts in size small, are the smallest we’ve got.

On T-Shirts, although these arrive pre-shrunk, expect that some shrinking may still occur when washed and tumble-dried. For American Apparel shirts, if you like yours a little roomy, get at least one size larger than you would wear in a conventional brand T-shirt (ie. Hanes, Gildan, Jerzees, Fruit of the Loom).

Sales Tax:

We only charge state sales tax for orders shipped within the state of Washington, where we are located. We are required by the state of Washington to charge an 8.5% sales tax to items shipped within Washington State.

Questions or concerns?

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